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Most multi-tenant buildings in large cities require proof of insurance from any company entering the building.

Our company can easily supply this.  


Yes! We often times can be a one stop shop for your project. 

We have on our team several carpenters, as well as top notch painters.

We offer services from bathroom renovations, to full gut renovation.  

Yes we do, but this is on a case by case basis, and there is an additional charge for after hours and weekend work.

It is typically around 50% of the install cost.  

All checks can be made out to "Highline Design" and mailed to the following address:

70 Willow Street

Garden City, NY 11530

Our base cost for a repair consultation is $250. 

You may discuss scheduling with our scheduling department once:

1) The space has been measured & verified.

2) You have received / reviewed / signed your installation proposal.

3) Any specific building requirements have been confirmed.

4) Your material is confirmed as arrive to our warehouse

Additionally, certain sized project require an installation deposit, and this will need to be received in order to get scheduled as well.




Typically after your space is verified, and there are no options to confirm, you can expect to receive your proposal

within 2 business days.  

Typically, a single openings takes roughly 3-5 hours.  Funny enough, the majority of the process is loading in and loading out.

Circumstances that might add to this time frame include:

If the material didn't fit in the elevator.

If construction is needed.

Or any other unforeseen delays

Our company offers a 90-day warranty on all labor if we installed, and the Sliding Door Company offers a material warranty

(please refer to their terms and conditions)

If you have any issues, please contact our scheduling department to discuss setting up a return visit.  




Our labor warranty is 90-days.

The initial installation quote provided be the Sliding Door Company is only for installation of material,

without any space manipulations.

For example, if your header or ceiling is off by 3/8”, we must shim down the top track and conceal using L trims pieces.

If the walls are off plumb (not perfectly vertical), depending on the squareness of the rest of the opening,

we may need to conceal where the wall meets the panel.  

If we are to take responsibility on the panel size, the space must remain as it was at the time of the measurement.

This step of the process could be bypassed to avoid fabrication delay if you have a contractor completing your space that is willing to take responsibility on dimensions.

After the flooring is in and walls are taped and in the plastering stages we can schedule a visit to verify finished dimensions and confirm if the panels ordered will fit the space or there are panel alterations or additional construction needed before installation can be completed.

A mockup is a dry run of a “faux” panel to ensure the largest sized panel that can fit into your space.

Our guys will create the "faux” panel using various materials, and make a mock run through the elevator, stairs, and often times, the route into the space the doors are going.

Divider strips are a decorative piece that can be applied to the panels at the time of the appointment to create a design.

Our installers use a laser level, and apply the pieces using silicone, to ensure that they remain attached.

We charge $40 for 1 side, and $60 for both sides of the panel.

You can always decide at the time of the installation appointment whether you wish to have this applied, we wanted you to have the cost if you should desire to do so.

If your floor is off level by over 3/8” of an inch, the system will not operate properly. This requires a custom ripped wedge

to be created using wood.

The saddle will be painted either color of track or we can attempt to match the existing flooring.

The bottom tracks will sit on top of the saddle.

This is a flex piece provided by the Sliding Door Company to help conceal off-level/plumb ceilings and walls, as well as gaps.

It can be me made to the same color of the panels frames.  

We take all the material to a special dump that charges a fee. 

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